Bright Shadow

But now I saw the bright shadow coming out of the book into the real world and resting there, transforming all common things and yet itself unchanged. Or, more accurately, I say the common things drawn into the bright shadow. Unde hoc mihi? In the depth of my disgraces, in the then invincible ignorance of my intellect, all this was given me without asking, even without consent. That night my imagination was, in a certain sense, baptized; the rest of me, not unnaturally, took longer. I had not the faintest notion what I had let myself in for by buying Phantastes.”

—C. S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy

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  1. Rahno (Nana) wrote:

    I dare not, in any way, put myself in league with C.S. Lewis but this quote has always described my own experience in first reading of GMD. Although a Christian prior, the world about me was and has remained so, completely changed! Thank you, Lord. Nana